Workshop: Biomedical Photonics

Mittwoch/Wednesday, 03.11.2010, Bern

Yearly meeting of the Biomedical Photonics Network
jointly with

All those working in the area of Biomedical Photonics, especially in the field of lasers, are invited. In addition to talks from key people, this meeting provides a great opportunity for young researchers to present their work and to build personal contacts. Please submit your abstracts by October 15.

University of Bern,
Exact Sciences / Exakte Wissenschaften
Floor U2, Room B006
Sidlerstrasse 5,
3012 Bern
With public transport: - Bern main station, elevator or - Line 11, Station Neufeld or - Line 12, Station Länggasse
By car: Parcing Bern main station

12:30 Install Posters and welcome Coffee and Sweets
13:00 Talks
13:40 Presentations by selected students
14:30 Networking break with poster viewing
15:30 Talks
17:20 Best poster price
17:30 Apéro Riche sponsered by
19:00 End

Conference language

This workshop is free of charge

Deadline for inscription

The SSOM Biomedical Photonics award (sponsered by Swisslaser) for the best oral or poster presentation by a young researcher (≤35 years old) will be given.

PD Dr. Martin Wolf,

Beni Muller, 20. July 2015
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Icon Speaker (PDF) (2.28 MB)
Icon Program (PDF) (64 KB)
Icon Prof. Dr. Jaro Rička: Research at IAP (266 KB)
Dr. Christoph Harder, (SLN), Wollerau SZ Introduction of SLN Icon SLN Biomedical Harder (526 KB) 
PD Dr. Martin Wolf, SSOM / BMPN / USZ Introduction of bmpn Icon SLN Biomedical Wolf (203 KB) 
Dr. Michael Reinert , Inselspital, Bern Nanoshell Assisted Laser Tissue Fusion:
An Opportunity for Bypass Surgery
Icon (59 KB) 
Juan Mata Pavia, University of Zurich, Biomedical Optics Research Laboratory 3D near-infrared imaging based on a single-photon avalanche diode sensor Icon SLN Biomedical Pavia (4.1 MB) 
Valeria Musi, EPFL, Optics and Photonics Technology Laboratory Plasmonic, Bloch surface waves and Nano-photonic Elements for Bio-Sensing Application Icon SLN Biomedical Musi (1.51 MB) 
Jona Kottmann, ETH, Institute for Quantum Electronics Laser-based photoacoustic sensing of glucose in aqueous samples Icon SLN Biomedical Kottmann (8.56 MB) 
Markus Belau, University of Konstanz, The Maret Group: Soft Matter Physics Non-Invasive Measurement of Skeletal Muscle Contraction with Time-Resolved Reflectance and Diffusing-Wave Spectroscopy Icon SLN Biomedical Belau (1.62 MB) 
Dr. Ch. Rathjen, Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems AG, Port BE Femto-Lasers in Ophthalmic Systems Icon SLN Biomedical Rathjen (1.64 MB) 
Dipl. Phys. Reinhard Jenny, Volpi AG, Schlieren ZH Efficient Lighting in Medical Technology Icon SLN Biomedical Jenny (3.08 MB) 
Dr. Kurt Weingarten, Time-Bandwidth Products AG, Zürich Lasers to see, cut, and move Icon SLN Biomedical Weingarten (1.41 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Theo Lasser, EPFL STI LOA, Lausanne VD Coherent Imaging - from cells to molecule Icon SLN Biomedical Lasser (3.09 MB) 
Prof. Dr. Jaro Rička, Universität Bern, Institut für angewandte Physik (IAP) Photonics for functional monitoring of ciliated airway epithelia Icon SLN Biomedical Ricka (341 KB) 
PD Dr. Martin Wolf, SSOM / BMPN / USZ Award ceremony, Register with submitting abstracts by October 15 through the link provided on the left side. Icon SLN Biomedical Wolf 2 (181 KB) 
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